All-language Resources

Generic resources that may be useful for the teaching and learning of all languages.

MLTANSW Virtual Conference - Teaching for Effective Learning

Provider: MLTANSW

Description: Virtual conference for teachers of all languages. Sessions include a keynote by Dr Gianfranco Conti on cognitive load theory in languages learning, and presentations on using games effectively, engagement and motivation, and effective choice and design of curriculum and assessment.

Start date: 20-03-2021

End date: 31-03-2021

International Conference on Community/Heritage Language Education

Provider: Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education (SICLE)

Description: This free 3-day conference to be held at the University of Sydney features international guest speakers, renowned Australian researchers and experienced classroom practitioners and will explore community/heritage language education and its key role in maintaining and developing intergenerational linguistic and cultural understandings. The conference will bring together researchers, school leaders, teachers, community members, parents and students.

Start date: 11-11-2021

End date: 13-11-2021

Community Languages School Leadership and Management Program

Provider: Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education (SICLE)

Description: This course is a 60 hour NESA accredited program for CL school principals, leaders and management committees. You will learn up-to-date ways to teach students and design school programs, as well as develop skills in leading and supporting teachers. There is a focus on learning how to manage schools, organise finances and meet government requirements. For the assessment task, you will need to evaluate aspects of your school and develop a plan of action. To assist in this, experienced principals of community languages schools will mentor groups of participants.

Start date: 25-04-2021

End date: 15-08-2021

Community Languages Teaching Program – Advanced

Provider: Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education (SICLE)

Description: The advanced program is a 60-hour face-to-face NESA accredited program for community languages schools teachers in NSW who have completed the Community Languages Teaching Program or equivalent. This course will help you to plan units of work, develop advanced teaching skills, use technology in the classroom and mentor other teachers. For the assessment, you will research a topic of interest such as developing a school program or designing materials and resources that you will then present to other teachers in the program.

Start date: 28-03-2021

End date: 25-07-2021

Community Languages Teaching Program – Foundation

Provider: Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education (SICLE)

Description: This course is a 60 hour NESA accredited professional-learning program delivered in face-to-face or mixed mode to teachers working in NSW Government-funded Community Languages Schools. Content addressed includes: understanding how children learn and develop languages; motivating students in maintaining and extending their language and cultural abilities; planning lessons; assessing student learning and developing resources and teaching activities that work with a range of students.

Start date: 25-03-2021

End date: 12-08-2021

Programming advice

Year group: ES1-12

Description: Advice on how to develop a scope and sequence (yearly overview) and program a unit of work with links to sample units. This advice is provided by NESA.

Sample Scope and Sequence template

Year group: ES1-12

Description: A simple template that can be used to develop a term/year overview of language learning for each stage.

Unit of Work planning tool

Year group: ES1-12

Description: This planning tool can be used to develop an outline of a Unit of Work. It can be modified to suit your teaching context.

Sample Evaluation template

Year group: ES1-12

Description: An easy to use template that can be used to evaluate a sequence of lessons of a Unit of Work. This template can be modified to suit your teaching context.

Project-Based Learning: Background and Instructional Strategies

Year group: ES1-12

Description: Project-based learning (PBL) which includes curriculum, instructional materials, classroom activities, and assessment of learning is a proficiency-oriented approach to using and learning a language that supports language use in the real world. The Coalition of Community-based Heritage languages schools (USA) provide a handbook and a brief video by Dr. Maria Carreira (25 minutes long) that describe the key components of project-based learning, and a document with instructional strategies that teachers in community-based schools can use.

Sample learning sequences

Year group: ES1-6

Description: Sample learning sequences on the following topics: My favourite toy, My dream home, About me, Caring for the environment. These resources are samples that teachers may adapt to their language specific area to meet the needs of their students and local contexts.

Sample Unit of Work planning proforma

Year group: ES1-12

Description: Sample programming template that can be used for a Unit of Work or a sequence of lessons. Template can be modified to suit different teaching contexts.

Games4Esl- A Website that caters for every teacher

Year group: ES1-12

Description: A website full of ideas and activities for teaching English as an additional language. This direct link contains games templates that can be adapted to teach all languages. These games would suit Beginner and Intermediate language students.

Activity Choice Boards

Year group: ES1-12

Description: Sample of activity choice boards as a strategy to differentiate in a mixed level language class.

Explore 6 apps for language learning

Year group: ES1-12

Description: Students might like to create text in language using these apps. Explore how to use these apps via the QR codes.

Apps and online resources for language teaching and learning

Year group: ES1-12

Description: List of effective ICT tools and websites for languages teaching.

Independent language activities

Year group: ES1-6

Description: These independent language activities are designed to be completed when students are learning from home. They can also be adapted and given as homework over a term or set as independent classwork. Some activities may require some parental or guardian support. Developed by NSW Department of Education.