Language: Chinese
Topic: Food and shopping


Beginner level

Early Stage 1-Stage 1

《食物与蔬菜》(单元计划) | Food (UoW) by Chia Ling Tsai

《让我们一起购物》(单元计划) | Let's Go Shopping (UoW) by Becky Niu

自制钱币模板 | Play money printables

《小老鼠》(歌词) | little mouse (Lyrics)

Intermediate level

Stages 2-3

《中秋节和月饼》(单元计划) | The Mid-Autumn Festival and Mooncake (Unit of Work)

《让我们吃一些中国菜吧》网站 | Let's eat some Chinese food website

《大耳朵图图(第一季) 18 全家享用自助餐》 | Big Ear Tutu: buffet

《最喜欢的食物》(书写练习) | Food arrangement (Writing exercise)

《功夫战士,少糖》(广告, 视频) | Kungfu fighter, Hidden sugar (Advertisement, Video)

《穿戴》(演示文稿) | Wear

《食物与饮料》(听力练习) | Food and drinks (Listening exercise)

Advanced level

Stages 4-5

《可口可乐2018年广告》 | Cocoa Cola advertisement 2018

《我爱中国菜》(歌曲) | I love Chinese food (Song)

《快乐汉语第13集 – 小勇和小虎》(短剧) | Happy Chinese Ep 13 – Xiao Yong and Xiao Hu (Short play), CCTV 4