Language: Chinese
Topic: My community, my school


Beginner level

Early Stage 1-Stage 1

学校话题网上互动游戏 | School Terms Online Activity

学校科目网上学习资源Quizlet字卡游戏 | School Terms Quizlet Game

《月份歌》(歌词) | Month song (Lyrics)

《你做什么运动 》(调查) | What sport do you do? (Survey)

《三只小猪》(角色扮演) | Three little pigs (Role-play)

《一首歌》(歌词) | A song, Lyrics

《一首歌》(歌曲) | A song (Song)

Intermediate level

Stages 2-3

《我心中理想的城市》(单元计划) | My dream town (UoW)

《功夫熊猫》训练片段 | Kung Fu Panda training scene

Advanced level

Stages 4-5

互动式教学资源在华文教育的应用实例 | Interactive Teaching Resource for Chinese Teaching

《快乐汉语第32集 – 安全的游戏》(短剧) | Happy Chinese Ep 32 – A safe game (Short play), CCTV 4

《胖老外被中文虐哭》(视频) | Say more all tears (Video)

《亚洲身份危机》(视频) | The Asian identity crisis(Video), Off the Great Wall (2015)

《两城一家》(图片) | Two cities one home

《司马光砸缸》 (演示文稿) | Sima Guang smashed the water tank (PPT)

《快乐汉语第15集 – 愚人节》(短剧) | Happy Chinese Ep 15 – April Fool’s Day (Short play), CCTV 4

《京老外是不是看不起上海老外》(视频) | Do foreigners in Beijing think they’re better than foreigners in Shanghai? (Video),Thomas阿福(2018)

《快乐汉语第21集 – 宠物鼠》(短剧) | Happy Chinese Ep 21 – Pet rat (Short play), CCTV 4