Language: Chinese
Topic: Environment and heritage country


Beginner level

Early Stage 1-Stage 1

试卷《木水火土》 | Test paper on nature

《动物》(单元计划) | Animals (Unit of work)

《海洋动物大合集》(视频) | Sea World Compilation (Video)

Intermediate level

Stages 2-3

《天气》试卷 | Test paper on weather

四年级试卷 | Test paper for Year 4

《动物》(单元计划) | Stage 2 Animals (UoW)

《动物分类》(游戏) | Animal group sort game (Game)

《今天天气怎么样》(图片) | How is the weather today?

Advanced level

Stages 4-5

《如何给动物分类》(视频) | How to categorise animals (Video)

《二氧化碳》(图片) | CO2

《成就环保》(图片) | To achieve environmental protection

《曹操》(歌词) | Cao Cao (Lyrics)

《曹操》(歌曲) | Cao Cao (Song)

《快乐汉语第25集 – 丢车保帅》(短剧) | Happy Chinese Ep 25 - Sacrifice the knights in order to save the queen (Short play), CCTV 4

《我愛妳》(歌曲) | Wo Ai Ni (Song)

《王之涣《登鹳雀楼》赏析》(视频) | The appreciation of the poem “Deng Guan Que Lou” (Video)

《童话故事 08鲁班造伞》(视频) | Fairy tale 08 Lu Ban made an umbrella (Video), Letv (2013)